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What is POETS?

Gino Iannunci opened a skate shop called Poets in 2002, located in Carle Place, NY. It provided a place for skaters that couldn’t get access to the city. Open for a decade, Poets closed its doors in 2012, but Gino had other plans for Poets, a brand that celebrated all things analog like a VHS tape of the 1996 skate video Trilogy.

Gino Iannunci's style has been mesmerizing skateboarders for decades, from the early days of his part in Trilogy to his recent footage. Style in our culture is important. It could be said that one of these defining parts of our culture is Gino Iannunci’s push. Gino’s approach, trick selection, and general demeanor is what separates the greats from the legends.

Tiago Lemos is a student of Gino’s generation, a true catalyst of the re-emergence of the style of the era that Gino helped create. Tiago is humble, hardworking and dedicated to keeping true to the roots while still progressing skateboarding. Tiago would fit right in a video with Gino in 1997.

Tiago New Balance 1010 X Poets shoe honors both Gino and Tiago, the analog style but on a fresh new shoe. Here’s two legendary video parts from Gino and Tiago below and 1010 X Poets are available now.

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