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Val Bauer:Ollies

This video, One is dope, and two sparked an interest. It made me think about ollies. And as most of y'all know I (Phillip) am all about Style > Everything. I was thinking about how a ollie is the cheese slice to any good pizza restaurant. If there fucking cheese slice trash you know the rest aint good. Yea you can cover it up buy adding toppings too the slice but you still know it aint all that. Think about it. And I'm not taking shots at anyone so please stay out your feelings. How many people van get just a flat ground ollie as a ad? Yet a cover?

Imagine if this was a photo of immmm idk Jon Dickson. Don't get me wrong he is a fucking beast, But could he get a cover of just a ollie. I guess where I'm going with all this is that i feel with social media and all the contest bullshit, having a style is not highlighted as much. Its more like the "WOW" factor. All these pros doing craze shit at the skatepark and shit. They didn't even fucking push, they just dropped in. What if there push looked like the way Phoebe (From Friends) ran?!

This is just my opinion. Phillip. An opinion. We all have one. And its ok to fucking have one.

Much love.

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