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Tony Manfre OG Dunk Destroyer

Yo was good, this Philly. As most of y'all know I love skating in heat. Not as a disrespect but because I'm a sneaker head. I fucking love shoes. I love looking down at my feet and getting hype. With that said I get a lot of people talking bout what I'm skating. PS I back that and love talking bout shoes. And speaking of people skating heat I feel like Tony Manfre is slept on. Peep his Static part at min 7:52

Hurting fools out here. And yo i hate when fools be like "yo there meant to be skated". Yes fuck face we know that. But shout out to people who do appreciate and hold on to a shoe because the love the story or the hype.. These some OG shit right here.

Here rocking the Dunk High "Brown Pack"

Nike Sb Dunk Low "Tokyo Blue Taxi" Chlorine Blue/White

Here this fool skating the "Blue Avengers" White/Midnight Navy-Blue Reef So fucking good.

Fuck i wish they would make a mids on the old sole again. Here he skating in the Dunk Mid "Linoleum" Light Bone/Black. I think these came out in 2007

Found the old Tampa Pro photo of him skating inf the Spiderman Mids

These were fucking hard! Nike Dunk Mid "Marina/Black" AKA Spiderman.

And last but yes he skated a ton more, Is the Pacman hi. I was working at the shop when these dropped. It was around when the "Skunks" dropped. I can't remember if it was b4 or after but these hit hard.

Dunk Hi "Pacman" Blue Frost/ Midwest Gold

Tony has one of the best styles, Even tho I always hated the shirts he wore, and has one of the best kick flips. In the Static part that you prob didn't watch, At 8:42 he kick flips over a rail what looks like the "Sandalwoods" I believe its because of the dunk. It just flicks different .

Anyway ima end this here. Like i said in my last post I'm new to this writing shit and this has took me way to long.

Much love and if you wanna talk dunk shit hit me on here or @ wavytrillbaby

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