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"Take it to the bank" Contest Recap

Bank skating is classic and timeless. Just think of any Tom Penny clip and there's probably a bank involved. So in the spirit of showing love to skateboarding on banks we threw a contest on the banks at Parisite. Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to Irvin Washington for the photos.

Pure stoke right here, Charles Johnson Bonelessing over Slick Nick.

Hayden Mouton with a huge Frontside Flip on the bank.

Anthony "Savage" Simmons with the 50-50 on the top rope.

The homie JP didn't want to spend too much time up there.

Crescent Skate Krewe was in effect!

The homie Jazz playing his arcade gaming machine at his Street Star setup. Video Grab: Jrrd

Charles Johnson backtail the box with some power. Video: Todd Taylor

Phillip Santosuosso doing his thing. Video: Charles Johnson

Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks again to Irvin Washington for the photos, much love.

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