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Street Memo "Busta Rhymes And Salad Mix"

I’m waiting for Busta Rhymes to follow through with Flipmode’s world domination as promised in 1998’s Extinction Level Event album, we really could use the leadership Busta. Until then, I’m forced to tell Alexa to play that album, and devise a masterful strategy to make a caesar salad interesting for the 17th time. 

Gimmie Some Mo’ plays in the background as Tony Chacerie’s and Cayenne Pepper are brought into the mix, my salad customization reminds me of Humidity’s & Vans “Foot The Bill” collaboration. I take my highly seasoned salad and I enter into the world of online shoe customization, I don’t even wear Vans, but I'm gonna give this a whirl.

Coming into this process, I want to design shoes that are decent, have a purpose and somebody would actually wear, with that in mind, here’s the first one:

The: “We Still Might Have To Go To Work 1’s”

In this day and age of economic standstill, many “non-essential” employees are faced with having to stay home, or even worse many are just straight up out of work. This harsh reality sucks. This shoe below states, “What if somebody found a genie in a lamp and everything was fixed? Would we have to go back to work??” The answer to those questions lies in this shoe:

Maybe…We still might have to go to work. Thus, the indecisive, yet stylish balance of HUM graphic and “work friendly” black. 

The: “Does Outside Still Exist? 3’s”

Remember going for a walk? Remember going for a walk in some ill coke white’s and feeling like everything is lava? Those are feelings purely reserved for outside. In this follow up to the “Does Outside Still Exist? 2’s” These shoes reunite you with that dreaded feeling of getting your white shoes dirty instead of contracting a potentially fatal illness.

Next we have...

The: “Mightier, Mightier Bosstone 1’s”

The truth is, I remember Ska. You remember Ska too, don’t lie. Now that the entire concept of large live concerts are at risk, I bet you wanna turn back time to the 2001 Van’s Warped Tour, slam a Surge and rush into the pit while Less Than Jake plays their freakin’ heart out. 

Pretty sure I’m gonna have to pass on the invite to the Warped Tour, seeing that the dude at the grocery store check out looks like the masked man on the cover of “Vans Off The Wall: Volume IV” but these shoes are a one way trip to a simpler time.

I think they only served Busch beer at Nascar games in 2001, so if Phil and the squad go they might be bummed...


Unfortunately the web browser crashed on my 4 Gig Raspberry PI that I set up to play the original Thrasher “Skate and Destroy” Playstation game. So that’s it, that’s all the shoe designs I got, I have to get back to Busta Rhymes and salad mix. Good luck designing yours, here’s the link:

Words By:

Stephen Serrano


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