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Let's Talk "She's Cheating"

So Harry Bergenfield put this new video out of Philadelphia and this shit is dope.

Featuring: Brian O'Dwyer , Anthony Rosado , Jason Nam , Graeme Turner , Kevin Liedtke , Brian Panebianco , Jahmir Brown , Paris Summerville , Rico Abdou , Joey Marrone , Nazir Wayman , Kris Brown , Orion , Efron Danzig , Keith DeBottis , Chris Dinya and Mike Ward

It's possible that this Switch Back Noseblunt from Brian O'Dwyer is one of the longest if not the longest of all time. Just look:

Even if it's not the longest, fuck it, shit is long.

Now let's talk about Mike Ward's Switch Hardflip over the can:

Shell Toe Adidas, the foot placement, the fucking Switch Hardflip, the spot, this is it. You can't be mad at this clip.

Now go watch the rest of the video, it's a good one:

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