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humidity Recognizes 1UP Bike Life

humidity is a skateboard shop in the French Quarter, New Orleans, but at it’s core, it’s more than just a skateboard shop, it’s for the youth. For many it’s a safe space, a place where the youth can take a “time out” from the game of tag that is life in the city.

Adolph from 1UP Bike Life with the Samcat X humidity Shoulder Bag

1UP Bike Life is for the youth of New Orleans, every Thursday 1UP does a bike ride-out throughout the city and encourages the youth to do active and positive things. Things like Report Card Thursday that gets kids to bring their report cards and reward them for getting good grades and doing well in school.

A lot of these kids specifically come and hangout at the shop before the ride-outs. humidity recognizes this and we’re taking action to help support. We want to keep things like this going, that’s why for every sale of these @samcat_packs X humidity New Orleans 100% handmade bags we’re donating 10 dollars to 1UP Bike Life to help with these programs for the youth.

@samcat_packs X humidity New Orleans 100% handmade bags available now both in-store and online.

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