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There's so much skateboarding content nowadays, I'm becoming desensitized to it all. When I scroll on social media, I'm bombarded with flip-ins and flip-outs, guys jumping down 20 stairs, and bombing hills that some cars can't drive up. With so much amazing skateboarding floating around the internet, it's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of talent.

With that being said, every skater has those couple of videos they throw on every time they want to watch skateboarding. Regardless of what new video came out that week, I'm gonna end up wanting to watch a Workshop video that I've seen countless times and still get as stoked as I got the first time I've seen it. But that's the beauty of it. We will always hold those handful of videos close to our heart.

So what makes our favorites, our favorite? Is it the nostalgia of the time periods? The filming? The music? For me, it gives me that feeling of "This is what skateboarding means to me." And that's the beautiful thing about skateboarding... we can't collectively put a gold medal on any of it.

As a fam, we took a minute to think about what those two gold medal parts are for us...

What are yours?




Stevie Williams's part in Transworld's "The Reason"

John Shanahan's part in LurkNYC's "cee-lo"

(begins at 21:20)



Jake Johnson's part in Alien Workshop's "Mind Field"

Philly Santosuosso's solo part "OD Wavy"



Ricky Oyola's part in Underachiever's "Eastern Exposure 3"

Harold Hunter's part in Zoo York's "Zoo York Mixtape"



John Shanahan's part in LurkNYC's "Mean Streets"

Tiago Lemo's solo part "Crupie Wheels"

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