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40 Foot Flatbar Rail?? Go Skate Day Recap

We always put on New Orleans for Go Skate Day, and this year we went long. Forty feet to be exact, shit was wild, the homies had a great time and people really did some 40 foot tricks. We can't thank David Watgny enough for all the work building the rail. Here's the recap:

David doing his thing building this behemoth of a flatbar.

Look at all that flatbar.

Phillip breaking the rail in with this Crook. Photo: Clayton Jones

Dylan Del Corral goes the distance with this 40 foot Feeble.

John Kosch getting that money with this 200 dollar 40 foot Lipslide.

Thanks everyone for coming out, and thanks to everyone that helped out. We really appreciate all the love and support.

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