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Street Memo

Big L is sick. For real, his lyrics were the type of sick and disturbing stuff you don't want your grandmother hearing. Shit like, "I killed my mother with a shovel just like Norman Bates did," disturbing and amazing punchlines. That's why we love L, the same reason

s we love Big L these can apply for skateboarding, grimey street shit, technicality, and smooth finesse. So here's a few video parts that use L in appreciation, Big L rest in peace.

Dylan Sourbeer Sabotage 3

This part is legit everything that you would want in a part with Big L, Love Park night footage, solid ledge lines, and just a genuine urban feel. I heard that dude is hardworking, has kids, job etc, and that makes this part that much better. I guess someone could say that his kit could be a bit more gully, but this ain't a fashion show. Dylan Sourbeer, good shit.

Stevie Williams in the Chocolate Tour

Classic. It doesn't even need the lyrics to create the same amount of impact. You could equate a Stevie Nollie Frontside Heelflip to an ill lyric, and a Pier 7 manual to a classic Big L punchline. Both Big L and Stevie Williams are undeniable legends. There won't ever be another Stevie Williams.

Zion Wright REAL Part

That new heat, when you see this you know that Zion is here to stay. Just as when you heard some L tracks for the first time and got that "ooohhh shit" vibe going, this part does the same thing. Half Cab Back Smith Hollywood 16, damn.

Carlos Ribiero in Primitive's Never

This part is about the tricks and the finesse with these tricks, (switch 360 flip noseslide, switch flip back noseblunt, etc.) Just as Big L spit some ill shit and made it sound dope, homie makes these tricks look easy. We can't forget his Transworld part with Tiago, but we'll talk about that another day.

Flo Marfaing & Alex Carolino Strange Notes

A hidden gem, this gives the feel of a 98 freestyle if 98 freestyle was a short skate clip on Youtube. They both totally kill it and run that unspoken "kinda tired" , like you know they could go in even harder. Alex Carolino does a Switch 360 Pop-Shuv it and it's so sick.

Rob G , Danny Montoya 411 Rookies

It's technically got a D.I.T.C track but its got a Big L verse. There's something about seeing a 'Toya nollie crook a handrail to this music that's so appropriate. Rob G's Nollie Backside 180 over that fence, holy shit. Danny Montoya's Switch Pop-Shuv it nosegrind flip out is like a grimey Big L lyrical punchline, dope. That one made me wanna go skate, I gotta go.

Words by: Stephen Serrano


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