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Concept Purple Lobster

PURPLE LOBSTER UPDATE!! !!PLEASE READ!! !!!OUR SHIPMENT IS LATE!!! As most of y’all know we do first come first served. We believe it’s fair and we have a loyal group of heads that always camp. After talking to a lot of y’all we are still going to release them Saturday as if we have them. This is a Guarantee you will have your pair. Sizes 8,8.5,9,9.5,10,10.5,11,11.5,12. We only have one of each. Box Price. WE WILL NOT TAKE YOUR MONEY ON THE DAY OF THE DROP!!! We will get your information and call you as soon as we get them and you will be able to pick them up within 24 Hours. We will open at 10am!! TOMORROW 12/15 And will let one customer in at a time and get your info. PLEASE READ. NO ONLINE AND NO PHONE ORDERS. We are turning the comments off because trust me. We hate ourselves too. 💜 

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