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Coffee with Fred Vol 1

On Skateboarding, Pedestrians, and Trains Skateboarding is supposedly new. I dunno if I believe California dreaming sidewalk surfing baby boomers invented it. Seems to me wheels have been around for a minute. Those flat furniture dollies have been around for a minute. It’s easier to sell surfers taking to the streets on flat days than it is to sell, say, Jebidiah after a beer or two on a hard day moving, hopping on a dolly for a sick drift sesh to amuse his buddies. He ate shit a few times early but started catching on. It felt good to stand and spin and float and laugh. He would walk long miles to his gigs and to move without moving was the delight his soul craved. One Thursday in autumn, on one of the these long walks to work to earn pennies and perhaps one day afford a horse, Jebidiah noticed a lone rail car astride it’s tracks. His feet hurt. They really, really fucking hurt. But that railcar, it sat there proud and relaxed and it’s feet didn’t seem to hurt one bit. Jebidiah kept walking. That day after lunch Jeb went for the dolly. He went for the dolly and stopped cold. it sat there. It sat there like the railcar except it’s dumbass wheels angled this way and that. Twisted, like his poor feet. Ten minutes later, Jebidiah had the first skateboard. From that day forward, Jebidiah raced the very wind to work each day, nollie flipping those same train tracks which spawned his glorious, demonic invention. 

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